Beneath the bright lights, and beyond the velvet ropes of Hollywood lies a different Southern California: a desolate land filled with darkness, punctuated by unrealized dreams, and broken down with anguished hearts. Tigercide, formed half a decade ago in LA, gives musical form to this landscape with the ethereal, melancholic vocals of Shexist and the sparse, shadowy, and balanced beats of Saint Brendan.


    The post-punk of bands like Joy Division and the Fall embodied a de-industrializing Manchester. The Bristol sound of Massive Attack and Portishead gave voice to the multicultural grittiness of their city. So too does the darkwave trip-hop of Tigercide capture the ethos of Angelenos anxious about their future. In a city characterized by soaring rents, temperatures, and population, can there be any more California dreaming?



Directed by Anthony Pilja 2018



Tigercide make an appearance in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's music video for their 2018 track "Carried from the Start".

Shexist has also collaborated with multimedia artist 0010X0010 on the track "She'll Never Be Me". It was featured in the film Compulsion (Sadie) which premiered at the 2016 Torino Film Festival and recently became available for streaming on Netflix.


Shexist and Polish producer Mirrorman are currently working on the follow-up to their 2012 album In the Fog, a project whose proceeds go to support a charity for children in Belarus and Ukraine who were affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Saint Brendan produced soundtracks for several films including The Odd (2012) and Issues: Morning After (2015).

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